hearts Starbucks

I started out quite late collecting these bears and it only makes me wanting more. When I was in Europe, I didn’t even see any outlets selling them. Paris Starbucks is FRICKING GORGEOUS, looks more like a gallery than a coffee joint.

I don’t know what draws me to Starbucks. As many of you knows, I don’t take black coffee but I love their sweet coffee fraps, started from Mocha Frap, then Rhumba Frap and now Java Chip Frap. They used to have this promotional Dark Choc Frap Coffee…BEST! It’s a pity they took it off their menu. Since I’m advised not to take cold drinks due to Chinese Medication, I found a new love… Hot Hazelnut Latte. Thanks Rimah… ^________^

It’s a pity pastries aren’t that delicious in Starbucks. I prefer Coffeebean’s anytime.

I buy Starbucks cups, mugs, bottles, flasks… Sam got me this Starbucks Polo tee on ebay as my Valentine gift (Thanks Gal). I love Starbucks so much I even had it’s logo drawn on my kitchen wall. I wonder if Starbucks will give me free coffee for being such a big fan or sue me for their copyrights. I stumbled and bought a Starbucks bag many many years ago at some Raffles trolley stall and every time I carry it to Starbucks, I get compliments for it and one Starbucks outlet even gave me a free drink! Hahahaha shall take a picture of the bag and upload it.

Meanwhile these are what I have for now… collection is still growing and I THANK YOU, my friends, who have contributed / helped in this.

p1030593 p1030592 Singapore edition and Rat Year’s special edition both from Singapore. Hong Kong bear I got it from my shopping trip last year Jul 2007. =0)

p1030590 Dear got this romantic couple bear from her Taiwan trip. Thanks Dear!

p1030765 Bubble Bee spring edition added on to my collection.  Thanks to Central Starbucks manager who helped reserved a pair for me when he knows I collect them. Thanks Rong for the Thailand bear.

p1050958 Matt got this for me when he came back from UK for a school break this year. Thanks Foodie!

copy-p1050955 p1050956 Got it this year on my JB and Hong Kong trip… =0)

p1050960  p1050961 Got it yesterday, Gingerbread edition. The staffs at Compasspoint Starbucks are sooo friendly. I heard they have a Pumpkin one recently for Halloween but I’m not even aware of it. Quite upset I didn’t manage to buy it but when they know I collect them, they got my contact number so that they can help reserve and call me when they have new stocks. Fabulous! They are helping me contacting Starbucks HQ and checking to see if they can get a few bears for me. YEY!!!