mummy’s sweet 16th

Been thinking where to bring mummy for her birthday and started recalling what she likes to eat. Among many of her favourites are curry fish head and the king of fruits: Durians! Decided to bring her to Hooked on Heads (very very superb curry fish head) and Icekimo for desserts (I’ve been here at least 6 times now)!!!


My 2nd visit to Hooked on Heads, I don’t take spicy food yet their curry is soooo good I couldn’t get enough of it. My parents loved it and I’m really glad. After the hot and spicy fiesta, we walked over to Icekimo. Ordered a Guinness stout ice cream (Really as good as the beer itself!) for daddy to try, a banana boat (milo bing, lychee and snickers) and their (Mummy and D) ultimate love: Durian waffle! HAHAHA Mummy loves loves loves her durian waffle and daddy, who ain’t a durian lover, got tempted and couldn’t stop himself from sharing with mum.


Proceeded to my parents crib for mahjong! Babe, I was winning before I started replying your sms-es boasting about it! After that, I couldn’t stop losing. LOL your fault!!! Hahahaha I lost $4! Will claim from you when we meet.