feeling CNY

People who knows me, knows I don’t fancy CNY… not the least. This year I was rather excited and I was the one who went to get CNY goodies and decorations and had to remind D of it. D was the one who always have to drag and pull me to Chinatown and make me allow him to get those “obiang” CNY decors. This year, I actually initiated!?!!

D’s brother, Zico, bought a white Honda fit! Ah bu and I supported Zico and took his car instead of D’s. LOL I am really happy for Zico. Will upload pics as soon as I get home tonight. Who says blood is thicker than water? Cheers to us, Kohs.

Chu San, Love and Bud coming. Chu Si going to Dear’s house to bai nian; mama chia giving me angbao! Yey!!! Chu Wu get steamboat ingredients and to Bud’s place to bai nian. Chu Liu, morning go babe house bai nian then our annual family affair CNY get together! I feel happy that friends bother to arrange and check my schedule and come bai nian.