my best and busiest CNY 09

Been too tired to blog recently… so many happy events yet so little brain cells left to blog. Family affair went bowling and had a sushi fiesta… 7 members and only 4 can make it so here we are… 4 times the laughter, 4 times the fun. Brother brought us for sushi while waiting for baby to come. Afterwhich we had a bowling competition; Guys vs Gals…. all for one cup of ice-cream! lol

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Went to babe’s house for lunch and bai nian…had authentic Indian cuisine by babe’s stylo mylo tattooed auntie, mama pan gave me angbao… woo hooo… regretting not taking pics with mama chia and dear when D and I went over to bai nian. Went bai nian at bud’s place too and mama tan cooked us a superb dinner with lou hei. Taught them mahjong and now I know how it feels like when Benson was playing with us newbies… LOL Wana do all my fun justice by typing out a good blog but my brain is falling apart. Anyway, this is one of my best CNY.