OT in style

Rimah has recording at 8ish and so I thought ok lah, by the time she is done, it will be around 9pm and I will be able to head home with her. I have tons of work to rush anyway and so I bought this mashed potato with sausage, frozen microwave food, for dinner. Had to OT in style! LOL anyway, my dinner turns out superb and the smell made Rimah and Weiting drool. I was kind enough to share a small mouthful with them. HAHAHAHA! The portion is really small but good enough to ease the hunger. D was really sweet and when I called him, he told me he will cook me mee goring if I’m still hungry when I get home. I left work around 9.45pm. Brain juice dry, body stiff, face cramp, brain DEAD.

p1070754 p1070756 p1070757 p1070759


When I got home ard 10.20ish, baby cooked me mee goring while I was showering. Nothing beats this. Sweetest ever.