random thoughts

So many thoughts running through my mind now, one of which, Rong’s wedding. As much as I’ve got everything prepared and geared up. I couldn’t attend. I was overjoyed when she called telling me I could attend after seeking advises etc… anyway, I don’t wana harp on it for fear I will further upset myself.

My thoughts went all the way back to when I was in school. Though I hated life in secondary school… my life was good. Pampered, spoilt and love by my parents and uncle. I remembered only wearing U.S Masters school shoes till I was sec 2 and its United Colors of Benetton (UCB) and Guess school shoes all the way till I graduated. I am such a big fan of UCB; UCB bags, UCB shoes, UCB wallets… I even contemplated naming my 3 sons; United, Colors and Benetton… HAHAHA I remembered never having to choose between A or B for I will always get both A and B. Like many “lians” in school, I have my fair share of Chantel Thomas, Sonia Rykiel, MCM, Polo Ralph, Trussadi, Valentino, D&G, Guess, JPG… LOL… ok, I still have these bags with me… for memories. HAHAHAHAHA… remembered there was this trend where we used branded paper bags to school as school bags!?!!! I wonder how we manage to use them to store textbooks! Wrap our files and textbooks with Guess magazine or newspapers ads… Hahahaha… the 6%, 9% self DIY Hair dye, hahahaha… the paper powder we tore from this mini booklet for face foundation… hahahaha… what else?? Oh ya, that Kris Colored jeans!!! Classic!!! Everyone MUST have a pair. Hahahahaha Oh… and Motorola Memo Jazz!!! Hahahahaha my 1st handphone…Motorola v-teck (did I spell it correctly)… and ya, Baby G!!! wahahahaha… did you know I top school for Literature? LOL ya… I did. Share with me the trends of your school days too??

Some thoughts to where D and I started out… we were young with limited low pay yet we had a fairytale wedding at Pan Pacific, our own 5 room flat, our 2 furbabies and a super-4 bike. Very very thankful for it all… to where we are now… life is good. Though with the increasing commitments, I believed it comes with the comfort and luxury life one wants too, we are doing fine and I hope life will be better as we progress…