sick yet happy

Time passes tooo fast and I hate it. Before I had enough time to rest, the weekend is over. Poof. Just like that. ARGH.


I was on MC due to bad stomach flu. Wanted to go get a hair trim but am too sick to head out. D offered to trim my fringe for me. LOL… ok ok, nothing to be surprise as this isn’t the 1st time he has trimmed for me. Hahaha…he did quite a good job if I may say so myself. Haha. Dear and bud said he did a very good job too. LOL Dear gave me quite a bit of hair dyes and I saw this light ruby blonde that I wanted to try. Baby was my very own personal hair stylist that day and dyed my hair for me as well. Hehehe… looks a little red and I’m not a red color person when it comes to hair. I love all shades of brown to gold but not red. Anyway, I love playing with my hairdo…so here goes. If all fails, I can always re-dye. No big deal. LOL


D cooked porridge and make herbal drink for me… I felt like a princess. I cannot imagine life without my baby. Muacks.


I’m rather worried about Micki. One month ago, one of her back leg felt weak and she literally dragged herself to walk. We massaged her and she can walk a little. We thought maybe due to old age, she was having cramps for sitting too long. We continue to massage and observe her and she begins to walk after a day or 2. Few days ago, 2 of her back legs were numb again and she drags herself while shivering. Our hearts sank. We quickly massaged her and luckily she is able to walk again. Micki is 14yrs old this year… 98yrs old in human years. I cannot imagine what life would be without her. I cannot bear the thought of it.  


My next entry… Bud’s surprise birthday party.