hey U, ya.. YOU!

Hey, if you can’t blog… DON’T BLOG. PERIOD. Why do people blog?? To express their own feelings and ideas… this isn’t no school life where you exchange notes to copy. Same site, same style, same name. You know what? Creativity is inborn. You know? Inborn talent? And what are you best at? COPYING. I pity you. Now now, if it pleases you, please copy this blog and write about me too. You are MOST welcome to go ahead since it’s what you do best. Copy, copy, copy. My life stories, you can even say it’s yours and change my name to yours and turned it into your stories so what’s new…really. I always knew you envy and want to be me but I didn’t know you wanted it so badly. So how is life without me? Boring rite? No more new ideas or new stories to tell right? This blog is especially for you my friend. You are ungrateful and have no bloody EQ whatsoever. Na da… I’ve tried, believe me, so many times and yet you still live in that own drama world of yours. Go reflect why you don’t even have one friend you can count on. You are MOST welcome to confront me cos if you do, I will not hesitate to tell it to your face. What’s there to worry about? You can always go crying back to mummy dearest.