I remembered… part 2

I wanted to blog about Bud’s birthday and Canele but I have been really mood-less and lazy. I’m rather happy family affair has been meeting almost every week for either ktv, bowling or chilling out sessions. I am looking forward to my big 3-0, our wedding anniversary and our upcoming HKG trip where bud and I celebrate our BIG 10yrs. Great summer sale, here I comeeeeeeeeee… A lot of celebrations for my big 3-0… as ironic as it sound, I am really looking forward to it. =D Maybe cos my favourite number is 3 or maybe cos I am looking forward for all the celebrations / surprises or could it be I can finally replace my kiddy I/C photo and get a new one?? Hmm… the many many possibilities. LOL One thing for sure, I do hope our economy picks up sooner and that all of us will still have our jobs.



I remembered… part 2


My parents said I was really a “cheap” and easy to please toddler. I would always sneak up behind them each time I hear the commercial and head back to bed once the show is back on… I will only do this twice or so (each night) and when they finally don’t see me behind, they’ll know I’ve fallen asleep. Guess what they did??? My parents recorded all the commercials into videotapes and my mum would play them when she has to cook or do housework. She says I will really sit through the commercials and she can play them for hours??!!! Guess, I’m really THAT cheap and naive huh? Parents nowadays play Barney, Hi 5 and all kinds of shows and kids don’t even sit through it. LOL this is my reply now when they talked about this… “You see, your daughter is talented and creative SINCE young.” Hahaha



My Primary School memories… My daddy is a very protective father and being his little girl, he was always strict and overly protective of me. He dotes and loves me a lot. I made mummy angry one day, I forgot what about, and she ordered my dad to cane me. He closes the door and started hitting the table with the cane and asked me to “cry” out loud. LOL LOL


I remembered coming home one day after school and one auntie was asking me “ah Mag ah, your result how? Lumber what in class?” I remembered telling auntie I don’t know and she opened my report book and screamed “WAH, LUMBER 1 AH…” and ran up the stairs with me to report aka Kaypo to my mummy. LOL I remembered my parents asking what I wanted and I asked for ‘my caterpillar’, a very very well known character… you girls will know… hahaha, and they bought me a blue one. I still have it with me. Ok, that “lumber 1” in class was when I was in primary 1, primary 2 I was “lumber 2”, primary 3 number 6 and yap…the number only increases as I graduate. LOL


I have been learning the electron organ since I was 6 and my classes are held at Yamaha Thomson Yaohan now known as Thomson Plaza? When I was 11yrs old, I asked my dad if I could take 855 by myself to class. Being protective, he naturally didn’t approve. I begged and plead and he finally gave in… I was so happy that day till I got off the bus and saw my dad! He followed me and boarded the same bus and sat way behind me just to make sure I got off the right stop!! I was soooo angry that day and it took me years after to realize how much my dad cared. Haha


With the many memories, that brings me to the thought of being a child again; where ignorance is bliss, and the only concern one could ever have, was whether a dream Barbie would be wrapped for Christmas, or would chocolate cake be served for dessert. To read I remembered part 1, go to search on the right hand bottom of my blog and type ‘I remembered’ enter search.