the new siansation.

Talking to the right person at the right time works…talking to the right person at a bad time… HEAVEN! I realize colleagues will always be colleagues. Mag ah Mag, friends may not even understand one another, let alone colleagues. %^&@$*@@##% ……..basket.

Anyway I think my nightmares these past few nights of the many small snakes are a sign. Hahaha… mama chow says big snakes mean luck, small sicks means ‘xiao ren and shi fei.’ I get it now. One after another in 3 days is killing me!! I don’t need such trainings so please spare me. No lah, me not ‘ban dang’, you can use a broom and sweep my feet…I will simply hmm, ok… period. ~LAFFS~ I don’t really care. D says I’m too ‘angmo’. Love said something really sweet before she logged off yest. “You are too strong for anything like that to get you down.” I copied her exact words but lost it when I forget to save it in my email. I wana take this chance to also thank babe, mama, bud and dear for all the love and concern. Babe, thank for holding on to me while I’m at work. Hardest time to get through… 

I was at Compasspoint having lunch and I helped a maid from falling backwards. She was on the escalator with a pram and I think she didn’t balance herself properly and was about to fall backwards. My colleague who was standing behind her was shocked and scared and took a step back. I reach out to hold on to the pram and the other to her. She kept smiling and thanking me. I was glad her mdm was carrying the baby and she wasn’t inside the pram.

The other day, also at Compasspoint, an old lady has difficulty catching the speed of the escalator. She wanted to go up a level and it’s “amazing” how many people brushed past her without asking if she needed help. U-G-L-Y. I went up to her and ask if she wanted help, she nodded and I hold on to her and went up to levels with her. She couldn’t stop thanking me. Her smile… priceless. It’s little things like these that makes my day.

I remembered when I was much younger, say primary school age? I was at the swimming pool swimming away with my parents and I saw a drowning boy. I swam towards him immediately and got him safe to his parents, grandparents etc and GUESS WHAT? They didn’t thank me and stared at me! I cannot forget that scene. Maybe they really did want him to drown!?!! My dad saw and felt angry but he told me this “Gal, you know you did right and you should be proud of yourself cos daddy is proud of you.”

The only thing that is keeping me happy at work is my BIG 3-0 surprises and celebrations. Thank you once again gurlfwens for standing by me.