the BIG 3-0 birthday suits

I’m laffing OUT LOUD after typing the heading for this entry. No lah, birthday suit = naked, I think only D wants to see me naked. LOL


Ok, I bought like 16 tops / dresses…on the pretext that its my BIG 3-0 and I needed it all. LOL I’ve decided what to wear on the 30th, so I shall not reveal it here. Hur hur… I short-listed a few for 25th April, 1st May and the day D and me turn 6! Yey! I still have a few dinners that aren’t confirm but I am confident I have enough tops to go around. Heeeeee ^_____________________^


Babe HIGHLY STRONGLY requested to see the few I’ve short-listed so here goes:

brittanie5 c29m_1 c29b_2 m neveah1