i lost my “life”

I wanted to take the weekend off, spend time with my inner being and blog abt the food places; Ichiban Sushi, Canele, TCC, Pasta Café etc that are way overdue but I am simply tooooo SIAN to even wana blog. I lost my hp! In all my 29 years, this is the 1st time I lost my “life”! I was still sms-ing Babe, Love and Dear about me taking the train and being a true proud Singaporean since my last ride 9mths ago! I still have it when Benson and bud were having dinner and then we proceeded to Starbucks and it was gone!!! What is worst is I really don’t remember how I lost it!!! I don’t even feel angry with myself cos how can I even be angry when I don’t even remember a thing! I am more disappointed with HIM. The way he handled it could have been a lot better. I am seriously disappointed. Bud was surprised to see how calm and feeling-less I was. She knew how much my hp meant to me, I bet a lot of you do too. I always have my hp with me. I miss you, my Motorola Ferarri limited edition. I am sorry I lost you like that. SOBS!!! Meet my new baby, E63. Thank you Ah Bu. She sponsored S$200 as my birthday gift and I paid another S$188 myself. So much for saving for HKG.  





My 3rd touchup is damn damn painful! The pain is unbearable. The 1st time, it bleeds but not so bad and I didn’t even need to bandage. 2nd time was bleeding a bit more thus the bandage. 3rd time, NONSTOP bleeding. Super duper painful! And I thought my Saturday was good; shopping slowly, having cakes and coffee, brand hopping… argh.