so what?

I think through falling, we learn. We learned to see so much clearer despite the fact that our heart is still giving in.

I seriously think I do and give too much for people I love and care that they might not even reciprocate / feel the same. So many incidents and how many times do I need to go through it??

What’s the definition of godparents?

What’s the definition of a good friend?

What’s the definition of a good colleague?

What’s the definition of so called friends?

What’s the definition of it all???

I know I’m good so I don’t need you to tell me that. BUT all I am asking for is another pair of hand to clap along with me.

Since I can’t change people or what they are thinking, maybe it’s time I change myself. So what if it’s against my conscience, so what if people feels I’m selfish, so what if they don’t like it, so what if it’s not in me. SO WHAT?

Ultimately I guess it’s only when you meet such idiotic people, you learn to appreciate those who have always been good and dear to you… a lot more. I don’t suck at judging people. I suck at turning away from them.


Let’s try to make this completely depressing blog a little cheery.

I told D from 25th April till 4th May, me biggest ok? 5th of May when we turn 6, you and me, BIGGEST together ok? LOL

This coming Saturday, 25th April, my 1st birthday celebration! Bud has to work on 1st May and Benson is ‘xiong di’ for his buddy thus we are celebration my birthday in advance.

I do wish to celebrate Umar birthday with him but I guess his parents are busy too and I have to check D’s working schedule. We know we tried.  

30th April, with all my ladies! I am very excited for I feel they are planning something for me. I do hope I will be able to finish my programs fast so that I can go on half day leave and surprise them with bigger feast. LOL Love suggested KTV after steamboat and when I told D, he said no need lah, got surprise for you. Hmmmmm

1st May, no idea yet… should be spending the day with The Chia’s. LOL

5th May, with baby to Sentosa. I hope we won’t be lazy and waste the FOC underwater world tickets.