attacked by the deadly Viral Fever

The worst time of my life… Viral fever.


On Wednesday, 22nd April, I returned from work feeling severe body aches and after showering around 8ish, I noticed there were a lot of red spots all over my body!! I called D and said I felt feverish and he said he will rush home to take me to the doc. I called bud and she helped me search for a 24hr clinic near my place. I was already too groggy and weak by the time D was back. Went to this terrible sickening 24hr clinic near the bus interchange. Nurse asked if I had a sun tan (guess I was already very red from fever) yet still made me wait for an hour! Doc said I had high fever of 39 and said it can be dengue or viral fever and ask me to monitor my fever and taught D signs to look out for. Guess what I saw from the doc pc screen?? He has his Gmail account on the screen along with msn popping out nonstop!! That explains why he is so slow in attending to patients!!!!!! Gotten 2 days MC.


I have NEVER felt this weak before. I didn’t even have the strength to shower! I feel faint all the time. D and my mum helped me shower and I felt super super helpless. The next day, 23rd April, I was still feeling feverish and decided to go to my family doctor instead. I was still having high fever of 38.8! Dr Lim told us it might be viral fever or dengue! She told me the symptoms to look out for. She said viral fever and dengue are similar; joint pains, body aches, rashes / red spots, fever… if dengue, plus vomiting, nauseas and diarrhea. Dr Lim wrote a letter on my condition incase I have to be admitted to the hospital. She said “PLEASE go straight to the hospital if your fever doesn’t subside or if your fever keeps going up and down.”


I fainted twice and scared my mum. I was really weak. I couldn’t finish my porridge / food nor drink much. My everyday intake of 3 meals is equivalent to a small $2.50 noodle soup! I simply have no appetite. 


On Sat, 25th April, I woke up feeling really unwell. My throat is burning when I swallow my saliva. Fever is gone but redness and itch is still here. I went to Dr Lim again to see if I can get medicine for my throat. She saw more redness and swell of my skin but there was no fever so she concluded it was viral fever but she still want me to promise her to head straight to TTSH if my fever comes back. Family affair planned to celebrate my birthday today for a month now. I didn’t wana disappoint them and held on (to blog this after my hospitalization blog).


I forgot to mention during this period of time, D was infected as well. He has a high fever of 38, rashes on and off and bad bad body aches! He was still trying his best to take care of me. My parents were also staying over just to take care of us. Sunday, I went with D to see Dr Lim and she confirmed he had viral fever too. That was the very same day I noticed I had 30 ulcers on both my upper and lower lip! 3-0!!! I have NEVER seen so many ulcers at once! Dr Lim gave D and I another 3 days MC to recuperate. On 27th evening, I noticed the redness and swell were bigger and more swollen. My parents kept insisting I go TTSH. As I was worried I will be admitted, I insisted to wait till the next day. 28th April, I woke up feeling very weak and fainted even before I could brush my teeth. I knew I had to go get a thorough checkup at TTSH! Next blog… hospitalization. =[


22042009001 22042009002 



 When I 1st saw the rashes, even my face wasn’t spared. 





As the rashes worsen…

27042009003 27042009004