28th April, I was admitted to TTSH. Went to TTSH A&E and waited for 4-5 hours before the doc attended to me and another 1-2 hours before I finally got my bed 7C, 70. Doctor said it’s viral fever but they want to confirm if its viral fever causing the rashes to swell or if its drug allergy reaction.


I have never been this scared. Tears started rolling down my cheeks the moment doctor said I have to be admitted. I asked an estimated number of days I have to stay and she says it’s hard to tell, should be 2 to 3 days. She said it’s best I have this thing poked to the veins of my palm for easy drawing of blood and I said I don’t mind you drawing blood and poking me all the time but can I please not have that thing poked onto my veins the whole time?? She agreed and as she tries to search for visible veins to draw blood, there wasn’t any due to my swollen arms. She said the most visible ones are on my right palm and she tried poking for 10mins, imagine my pain, and finally managed to draw half a tube of blood.


I was then put onto a bed in the temporary ward and I felt like a sardine squeezed into any spot available. While waiting, I saw this cart stacked with porridge to be served to patients. What I find amusing then was it’s like those dim sum cart where the waiter serve you food; in this case the nurse will come to you and ask if you want porridge or biscuits. I chose porridge and the nurse asked if I wanted soya sauce, pepper or fried garlic on my porridge and proceed to do the necessary. I guess I find it amusing cos I wasn’t expecting to find or see this. Anyway their porridge sucks. I was given this very painful jab that will make me drowsy so that I can sleep and rest but it wasn’t making me sleepy. I had fun helping the older folks calling out to missy and helping them communicate. It feels good that despite being sick, down, and worried, I had the chance to still help people.


D wanted to stay over, as he knows I wouldn’t be able to sleep by myself but he wasn’t feeling well then and I told him to go back. Bud got me a huggie whom I named ah gam and it helped me a lot. I hugged ah gam to bed and despite the constant waking of the nurses to check blood pressure and take medicine; it is very comforting to open my eyes to see ah gam with me. They draw 3 tubes and 2 big bottles of my blood in all. OUCH. Did I mention I was a hit among the nurses?? They loved me and took very good care of me. =]


I am very very thankful to have my bunch of buddies with me on the day I was admitted. Bud, you have been running to and fro the hospital and to my place just to make sure I am ok despite your busy work exhibition. Actually since the planning of my birthday party, you never had the chance to take a breather and I really am grateful. Oh ya, thanks bud for all the drinks, food and magazines. My mum says I am very lucky to have you and I couldn’t agree more. Dear, thanks for coming down too with Mr Chia. Thank you for wanting to drop by everyday just to make sure I am ok. Godbro came down everyday too, thank you. Rong called and sms me despite being in Msia, thanks babe. Thanks Jen for the lovely bouquet and subway, really helped cheered me up. Thanks babe for smuggling the tall java chip for me and thanks love for the lovely sweet bouquet. Seriously, all the nurses are envying my flowers and helped me arranged them. haha hanks mama for the peach tart and starbucks bottle and voucher. Thank you to my colleagues for popping by too. I wana thank the very very helpful and friendly nurses at TTSH for taking good care of me. I am also very very thankful that I was discharged by 7pm, 29th April. Lastly I really want to thank my parents and D for being with me ALL the time and to everyone who kept sending me sms-es and calls to check up on me.

P/s: 2 days after my discharge, the head nurse called my place to check on me and to see if I am feeling better. THUMBS UP. I have such big respect for nurses and doctors now.