30 and Fabulous Part 4.

We heart this boy sooooooooo much. Our Umar darling turns 1 and I erm…turns 3-0. Hahaha… we had a sumptuous meal at Breeks. Umar is soooooo cute, we really believe he recognizes us already and the good thing is he finally accepted D!!! hahahaha… D is sooooo happy Umar isn’t crying nor rejecting him. They hugged and played and D can even carry him around the shopping mall. Umar lost weight and looks soooo handsome in his polo tee. We got him 2 birthday gifts; a toy from Fisherprice and a Winnie the Pooh jumper from Fox. =]


I was shopping at Fox kids and saw soooooo many nice stuffs and went mad. I saw this UBER cute loafer aka lazy man shoes for babies. I can soooo picture my kid in a short jumper wearing those checkered loafer walking around… awwww…