If I need your advise, I’ll ask.

I don’t understand why people use their asses to speak… before you comment on another person, KINDLY reflect on yourself. FIRST of all, you don’t know me well enough to comment.


K: Wah, holiday again ah? You damn rich hor.

Me: Ya, I’m damn rich.


K: Wah, you better save ah…

Me: how do you know I don’t save? I have about 100000000 million in my account.


K: You look funny.

Me: Ya, I am funny; in person and in style.


One of these days I will reply: “Don’t you know? I am so rich I’m only working for the fun of it. My paycheck goes to my shopping spree each month! “

Now go hover around someone else… shoo… ^%)*@#%*)%^


Disclaimer: this is not targeted at nice colleagues and great close friends I have cos I know you guys really care. =]