I love loading pics in FB. Simple, straight to the point and you can yak a whole paragraph of captions! Got me thinking, since all my friends have my FB account, why am I still doing slides and double-loading the pics. Hahahahaha I shall upload a few pics of each event, blog and leave the rest to FB. =0)

Sooooooo many overdue pics and events to blog… gosh… Babe Isa’s bd, Dear’s bd, Bud n D n my trip to the children museum, Ms Pinky’s bd, the little kitten that we save and adopted, Lyne-we-missed-u outing, Curry chape chye / Wii/ Aaron Kwok free concert with Love, LV mission with love n pinky, KTV madness and the many makan places I’ve ventured and lazy to blog… arghhhh… at least all pics are up in FB… LOL LOL

When’s the last time I logged in to Friendster? 1-2 years ago?? I’m sorry Friendster but FB is really addictive. I always thought I will stay faithful to Friendster but FB is so much fun! I even got the ever so faithful to Friendster dear to join FB with me!!! LOL…


I have been feeling really ‘suay’ this entire year… with the many “happening” events that was showered upon me, it’s no doubt I’ve been crowned Ms Suay of the year! On our way to KTV last Friday, we walked past this 4D shop and I was telling love and bud I should go buy my Miu Miu price number and see if I will strike! HAHAHAHA they instantly agreed and ask me to go try my luck! I bought my home unit and Miu Miu’s price number and we went on to sing our lungs out.

I was resting after a long day cooking and wii-ing with dear on Sat and at 2am in the wee morning, it occur to me I forgotten to check my 4D results. I saw it! My unit number!!! Starters!!! JUMP!!! Bo tio!!! On Sun, Miu Miu price also jump! AHHHHH…. TUA PEK GONG!!!! You don’t love me anymore ah???  


Can you believe Jet Li is now Singaporean??? I might be in the same shopping mall with Jet Li or I might be shopping at Taka Cold Storage buying food and Jet Li might be beside me choosing potato or so… wahahaha… I guess I’m rather shock cos he is like THE ICON… I love watching him fight since I was a kid!!! Welcome to Singapore, we love you here!!! hahahahahahaha