Tribute to the King – Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson is definitely the ICON, the KING, the LEGEND! Pheonomanal! I seriously forgotten how good he was… I used to be such a big fan… along with my uncle and dad. They used to buy me so many of his albums and LDs. I remember how my dad used to record MJ music videos and I used to awe each time my dad took those video tapes out and we singing along to each MV. I remembered playing MJ video game on Sega when I was young. I remembered how Triller always scares the shit out of me, the super scary zombies… so many classics from MJ.


I’m home watching MTV MJ Tribute. When I heard he was dead yesterday, I still couldn’t believe it. I finally understood the meaning of ‘Ji Pi Ge Da’ aka goose pimples after watching MJ’s tributes. All the memories, excitment and joy that I almost forgot… I felt tears in my eyes and I was really sad. I called my dad and he was equally sad and told me “MJ will always be the icon, he is the king of pop, the classic and will always be in our lives.


I was singing along to ‘You Are Not Alone’ playing on MTV and tears starting flowing.


Rest In Peace Michael.