the ‘Alphabet Game’

One night…I invented this game call the ‘Alphabet Game’. D and I were lying on the bed chatting as usual before we doze off to dreamland and I suddenly went “Bb, we play the Alphabet Game leh, there are 27 alphabets and we can play for a month!! We’ll form words with the 1st Alphabet… tonight we start with ‘A’, tommorow ‘B’ and so on.“ D was laughing and asking me not to disturb him and let him sleep. I was already starting “Alphabet, apple, angry, anticipating” and D went “hey, cannot so fast hor, one word at a time”… To cut the story short, I won for alphabet A and B… on the night for ‘C’, we were both rather awake and fighting hard to win; the game lasted for 30mins! D was sooooo “angry” with me and started “telling me off”! hahahahaha… he said he couldn’t sleep now cos his brain is wide awake!!! LOL LOL D won for ‘C’ and he dozed off immediately after the game. I was still on my lappy doing some work and after 20mins or so D shouted “Cantoment! Consignment!”… he was sleep talking!!! Yes, he has this habit of talking in his sleep! I was laughing nonstop!!!!! He must be really stressed out with my new game! Hahahahahahahahahahahahaaaaaa


To make the game interesting I was fooling around and using words like Ai ni (love you), Ang gu kuay for A, Buay tahan, bo dai ji for B… we had a good time laughing away.


LOL told my dearies and they were laughing nonstop. They said I’m full of nonsense which I couldn’t agree more. I can be such a dodo! Hahahaha life with me around is never bored. *smirks*


It’s good bonding time don’t you think?? Many say ya, I know etc but how many does make the effort to do it? You can always come out with some interesting bonding games too; be it with your kids, your friends or your family. =] if not, you can always buzz me and I’ll “customized” free bonding games for you! hahahaha