the art of it all…

The make believe game:

I think I know you.

I believe I know you.

As long as happy can already what.

Why complicate things?


The on-the-surface game:

Hahahahahaa…hahahaha… now, say cheese.

We are the best of friends.


Just join in loh.



I never like doing anything on the surface aka ‘biao mian gongfu’, I like giving my all to anything I do, anyone as a matter of fact. It’s not difficult to read me cos I’m the open book. I like talking and laughing to everyone, anyone but I love mixing with my own khakis the most.  


I don’t even get this affected when I fight with D. I don’t want to give anymore. I’m just gona sit here, wait and receive. If you care enough, you’ll come forward. I’m for keeps and I don’t have to prove it no more. My thoughts and perceptions are straightened now; I just have to keep replaying what Bud said to me and believe in it.


I flashed back to the days I was hehe haha-ing around and how carefree I wanted to be, but how my rational and emotional state just can’t seem to shake hands again? Maybe everything is just a façade… maybe I’m just a fricking façade… boy, do I feel liberated again now that I am ranting it all out.


Feeling a multitude of feelings but hey, I’m just human. BLAH.