When you are in your teens / younger and if you are different, you get outcast / ostracized / unpopular.


When you are older / working and if you are different, you get unique / special / style. 


It’s so ironic.


Of cos there are many reasons to it being older, wiser, we think differently, we talk differently… blah blah blah… 


I don’t know if it’s the shopping with love last night; she kept telling me the pieces were very me and despite a few hiccups, I bought em! I love it and that’s what matters most. Love did tell me I could carry them off very well… Or was it because of the many comments from babe, dear, bud and others that the weirder, the better, the louder the more MAG and if I were to dress in chiffon, be gal gal, giggle and beat around the bush then it would freak them out that got this whole rock off my back.


Finally, after being scarred for nearly 12yrs, and the fact that V was the one who started it all…  the knot or rather the scar is gone… I know now.


I am d.i.f.f.e.r.e.n.t.