‘Menses Day’

This entry is for all my fellow ladies.


Each company should entitle each lady to a day off each month for ‘MENSES DAY’; to be use either on the 2nd or 3rd day where the flow/cramp is the heaviest and bad. It is such a chore to be having cramps, heavy flow and still be at work. Each toilet trip can be such a chore!! There is nothing I love doing more than having a hot shower on menses days. D was laffing so badly and he said “What about men??” I gave him that killer stare and said “WHAT ABOUT MEN???!!!? Men can pee even without going to the toilet. Men don’t have menses! Men don’t go through cramps nor pregnancy. SOOO what is it about men???!?! ROARRRRR”


LOL LOL LOL D says I have the darnest, craziest, weirdest ideas of all. I know. I’m MAD…MAG.