back and still very much homesick

My 8th and still very Homesick!!!! =S

I can’t do HKG once a year. I need MORE!!!

I like it when I said “Welcome to HKG bud” and she goes “Welcome home darling.”


It has been hard resisting the HKG Summer Sale but I did well this round. For the past yr, it has been about quality and not quantity, same goes for this round. I finally got my Toy Watch and Play tee!!! YEY… and OUCH! I had a new hair color and perm. I took baby and bud’s new hairdo and they forgotten to do the same for me!!! SULKS. hahahaha i would call this linguine perm as its wider in dark brown “sauce” with light streaks. LOL yummy… though it looks somehow the same in pics, I know its different cos I’m the one styling it. We love my new hairdo… we love ME too… hahahaha… I saw a gorgeous Balenciaga and refuse to let it go. D saw and immediately smacked my hand and ordered me to drop it! I had no choice but to drop that beauty cos its way toooooo ex for me to afford, read 5K!! Maybe I will really order my Miu Miu from Ion. =P More pictures and fun to be up in fb.

Despite having a scare that baby was down with food posioning; vomitted and diarrhoea 6-8 times!!!  It was overall a good trip cos I have baby and bud with me. I just realize I didn’t take any pics with Benson… oh well.

IMG_1846a  IMG_1832a