Bud was telling my baby in HKG that I bought a lot like 6 tops or so and baby went “this is little liao loh, she usually buys 20 over tops.”


The 1st thing when dear saw my loots was “Aiyoh, so little ah? Dear you really bought very little leh.”


I KNOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *SULKS*


My loot this time is more of quality then quantity. *tries harder to console meself*

At least I bought my long-aiming Toy Watch, all my studded stuffs, my Comme Des Garcons Play Tee and my Alain Delon specs!!!




















Bought quite a bit for my furbabies too. *winks*




Missed my LV exhibition which I could be hugging Murakami dolly along with the rest of the artsy LV exhibits! *dui dui dui dui dui* I was soooo certain I wouldn’t miss it for anything in the world! Bought a super nice military sequin dress and my LV along for the exhibition and we didn’t make it there.

200904_01_photo03  LV runs











Pssssst: Oh ya, I’ve decided to take Cathay to Taiwan and stopover in HKG on my way back. Baby will be soooo happy and touched with this surprise. Shall make this a 5 days Taipei and 4 days HKG escapade. This will be enough to push me through to work till April 2010. LOL LOL LOL