My dearest mummy stayed over at our place to take care of our furbabies while we were in HKG.


I was clearing my table and saw a Dorothy Perkins bag and was excited to see what I bought and forgot to wear. I opened it and saw a very nice tube dress with attached price tag and I dug in to see if there is anything else and saw the receipt stated Sep’ 2007!!!!!!!! =S yikes! I often chucked my clothing aside and forget all about them. Love was at my place one time and I showed her my dresses and jackets all with price tags attached. NEW ones that I haven’t even worn. I still have sooooooo many other clothing/items that I haven’t even use! NOT GOOD.


I really need to find a place to sell all my clothing! Firstly, I think I need to be a little hardworking and clear my wardrobe!!! I have too many things and one body. Every now and then, I was telling babe I found my Kate Spade bag that I don’t even remembering having it. I have this Polo Ralph and Agnes B small tote which I recently dug. I sooooooo seriously need to start clearing. Darn lazy!