draining out happily…

It’s been nearly a month of madness for our assq last cycle program. Ice cream debts cleared, makan debts cleared. Meet new family members to Family Affair, checked. I’m very happy for my 2 brothers! ;]


To make things worse, not that I don’t welcome Peter, he is in town on the last week of the month (my deadline for programs). This time he bought his gf, Tea. My Australian cousin is also in town to attend our cousin, Jerry, wedding this Saturday! I have to meet Jerry at his place at 7am in the morning! *faints* International cousins; Singaporeans, Japanese, Australians, reunite! Too many events, WAY TOO little time!!!


Rushing another hour of work before I head off to spend the entire day with Peter and Tea before they fly off tomorrow morning! This gorgeous couple is tying the knot next year and I might get to visit Europe again, this time… with D. =]


Friday night, Bachelor night out with Jerry and cousins. =] Jerry bringing me to his friend’s mani and pedi shop for some pampering! Yey!


Till then…