with a BANG!

Today is a happy day; meeting Mary jiejie for high tea at Canele and off to meet Love and her darling for dinner.


Tomorrow is yet another happy day too for I’m meeting my buddy aka ex colleague from Warner Music then Didi for KTV till 1am! Wahahahahaha


The perfect ending to a fantastic weekend! *rockssssss*


p/ss: I’m planning Xmas already. I’ve got the perfect theme and games for this year and the ideas are making me sooooo excited already! Will reveal nearer to date! LOL D was laughing so loudly and am so amazed with my ‘gui zhu yi’.


I’m already hinting to my darlingsss that I want a BIG BIRTHDAY next year. I want it with a BANG! This year, though it was good and touching, I was very ill. I didn’t get to eat much good food and I look very bloated and red in all the pics. I was struggling to go on as I didn’t want to cancel any of it. I NEED A BIG 3-1 to celebrate me surviving 30! hahahaha then I can ignore 3-2, 3-3 and so on… erm. Maybe. hahahahahahaha