the big swing

Happily doing my Xmas list, writing and planning what to get for my dearest darlings, with the additional members, my list is even longer (not like it isn’t before). Suddenly my mood decided to go for a little swing and I no longer look forward to Chirstmas which is by the way, the ONLY festive I love and look forward to. Something is wrong somewhere but I don’t know what exactly. I of cos want and hope for a new designer bag (like everyday) and maybe a Canon camera. My little cammy, Panasonic Lumix, seems to have aged and her pictures aren’t that good and I needed a new smaller camera.


I thought I managed to save a little extra this month but guess what? My rashes itch and spreading like hell and my toothache is very painful along with swollen gums. Have to spend $$$ on both. Sian. =S


Bil msn me yesterday telling me he is going to U.S end of Dec and ask if I wanted any coach/stuffs there. *bloody envious* I answered him straight “can you bring me there instead?” I’m no Coach fan but I love their accessories. I’m definitely getting him to help get a M&M pillow for me which I’ve always wanted. NYC has always been one of the dream places I want to visit. Next year I’m heading further to this ‘Fashion’ country too (will reveal when I finally get my hands on the air-tickets) and maybe by then we can plan for U.S too baby??