My current Xmas List. read: current.

My not so simple Xmas List:


1. Miu Miu Bag that I have been eyeing forever

2. A nice Canon S90 camera (smaller and lighter for daily use)

3. Balenciaga bracelet

4. Baby-G latest star design watch in sleek black


Dear bought me a big surprise and is lip-tight about it. She wouldn’t reveal nothing! Tell me lah dearrrrrrr…


Babe thought of what to get for me too but hasn’t quite decided on the design yet. I trust her taste but what is it??? I want to know!!!!!! Hahahaha


Bud, I want this Baby-G watch leh. *hint hint* I go try 1st and let you know if I really like it. heeeeeeeeeeeee =]


I started buying Xmas gifts already but I need more materials. Lol Been feeling under the weather these days… I better not procrastinate and get down to work.