for my one and only…Mr D.

I strongly believe one’s destiny, fate, partner, life has somehow been written in a book up there. The more you think about it the more it wouldn’t happen has always work for me… Maybe cos I’m more tomboyish; I don’t really fear of being boyfriend-less, I won’t get hitched etc… even in my younger days… and hey, I’m like the 1st two or so among my friends to get hitched when I’ve always wanted to be the last! HA! Most might say, easier said than done but like I said, it worked for me. Find more fulfilling stuffs in life to do than ponder over what you don’t have and you’ll see things you fail to appreciate before… Life is short, make the best of it!


I was shopping madly online from Threadless, Heritage and Urban Outfitters for D yesterday and had so much fun. I remembered how D used to tell me he is very very fussy and particular with seams and cuttings and how he used to “warn” me NEVER to buy shirts nor tees for him! Against all odds, I went ahead and bought them still!!! LOL I can tell he loves the designs and since then, I never stop buying! *smiles proudly* Darling, I have taste one hor.


What are the chances you’ll find someone as fashion fun as you are; who dares try all quirky, funky style and even buys them for you? I love you baby.


On our first date, we realize though we are both right-handed, we wear our watches on our right! What are the chances?? I love you baby.


Watch TV one day while hugging our “smelly” and realize we love folding the corner of the pillows with our fingers. I love you baby.


The super hokkien/Chinese meets super English. One thing we never have to fight about… … FOOD; luncheon meat vs ham, sausage vs hotdogs, noodles vs pasta. No issues, fusion baby, fusion. I love you baby.


I draw, you color. You draw, I color. We have fun being creative and love DIY-ing. Thanks for the Starbucks baby. I love you baby.


I couldn’t thank you enough for all that you have done for me darling… to sum it all up seems impossible, for you mean the world to me. Most importantly, for having that same faith, for loving everything about me and for always spoiling me rotten… right to the core. I LOVE YOU BABY.