they are MY children, my world, my all.

You don’t have to understand my love for my babies but please respect that!! They are my children, my kids, my furbabies, the love of our lives. I cannot stand it when people gives me that bewildered 2 cents stupid bloody face expression (f**kup look) when I say I have to be home by 7pm to feed my babies. If you have a kid at home and you need to head home to feed your child, its ok and its not, for an animal??! Seriously, what’s the difference between rushing home to feed your kid and rushing home to feed a dog?? If your kid needs to eat, so does my dog.


On and off, as and when, I’ll hear people commenting “So, you have to rush home to feed your dog again. Cannot eat later meh?” By saying again, you mean you ate for breakfast already and so you don’t need to eat lunch right? So you pee once then cannot pee again?? Eat later? CAN! Everyone can also eat later, but it differs isn’t it? An adult can afford to eat later or starve BUT can a baby/infant/kid starve?? My Micki is already 14yrs old (98yrs old in human years) and she has severe gastric pains which resulted in operations and hospitalization before. Can you bear to starve an old lady like that?? I bought them home and its my responsibility to care and love for them. If you choose to give birth and dump your kid at home or push them to your parents or inlaws, thats YOUR choice. I choose to run home to mine. 


Recently, another dog lover who owns a dog insisted that I join her for dinner and ice-cream at Parkway Parade and cos she knows I have to be back to feed my babies, she said this to me “It’s always your dog, cannot eat later meh? WHY CANNOT?” and gave me that f**kup look! I was UTTERLY PISSED and replied “oh, cos of me wanting to go for ice-cream and dinner, cos of me wanting to have fun, I should go ahead and let my dogs starve??” When people ask me if they should get a dog, my reply will always be the same “Get one IF you can commit to the dog. If you don’t think you can feed your dogs on time, spend time playing and communicating with your dogs then DONT!”


I seriously admired people who foster dogs and help them unconditionally. I wouldn’t mind fostering if I only have one dog cos Micki is an aggressive, grumpy old lady. Singapore should set up Animal Cops Unit to help animals and fined those who abused or neglect their animals. Animal abuser should be caned and jailed! I love watching Animal Cops on Animal Planet (cable). These cops have a lot of love for animals and will go all out to save and fight for them. They are the voices of these animals.


I’m very grateful to my parents for always helping to take care of my darlings when I’m away on holidays. I can never thank you enough. Because of you, I can always FULLY enjoy my holidays knowing my babies are in good hands.


I’m also very thankful for having very understanding friends/darlings who love my babies as much as I do. Thanks so much for the support.


Micki and Goofy say THANKS. Woof… wooooof.