very random

‘Suay God’ finding me again! Have been bugged by VERY irritating prank calls recently… it’s creepy and freaky can. Since this 9616 isn’t very lucky, I’ve been contemplating to change. My previous 9880 is one super lucky number. Whatever contest I used to sms in, I’ll win it! This 9616 hasn’t won me a thing for nuts! Since Singtel is allowing me to have my number change for just S$30, why not! YEY! Then we’ll head town, get my mobile number changed and do some Xmas shopping. I’m in no mood for Xmas. Maybe it’s a sign that I’m ageing?? I left the party as it is; I didn’t bother to check, didn’t bother to plan, didn’t bother getting paper plates, cups nor door gifts. I’m feeling old.


Saw Pictionary Singapore Edition and am contemplating. I LOVE board games and I have quite a number of them. I have the normal Pictionary edition and was contemplating Pictionary Man till I saw this Singapore edition! It has words like Blur Sotong, Char Kuey Teow, Kiasi, Zhng etc… how Singapore is that??? Funny daooooooo. Should I???