plait + perm =


Thank you babe for introducing Pauline, my Singapore current most favorite hairstylist, to me. As many know, I love having my hair done in HKG but little knows my Singapore hairstylist, Pauline. She is very pretty, young and very talented. She LOVES playing and doing all styles with my hair cos she knows I’m daring enough. The 1st time I met her, she knew I ain’t no girly, dainty kind. She did super uber curly and LOUD perm on me… since then I have been going to her for trimmings and colorings.


This time, she suggested plait perm; she will plait my hair into small plaits and leave them on to perm. The result will be ruggard, zig zag and very PONG. She warned me about my hair being extra super dry and I didn’t mind a bit. LOL I told her its already super dry and damaged to begin with. After its done, I was in a little shocked cos its super zig zag and bloody OMPH! After styling, I kinda like it though the lower part is a little straight.


Love, you have always wanted to see me in straight hair right?? This is the nearest to me having “straight” hair.