2010 aint 2010 till CNY!

I must be that tired! I knocked out till 5pm last Sunday evening!!! All the lack of sleep accumulated since Xmas Marathon plus I didn’t expect to start 2010 with a blast too!! From NYE countdown with bud, to NY day surprise dinner makan + mahjong to 2nd Jan KTV – makan – ice cream fiesta… I started 2010 with a fantabulous string of events! With sooooo many overdue pics that I haven’t been editing and have only uploaded some to FB, I better get down to work.


Just as I was talking about how fantastic my 2010 is, things started piling with number 1 on the list… my crib (cos I can’t sell you, now all my hopes are dashed), my sooooo not confirm trip (I need a date soon Miho), Mr Trumpet (good riddance, for my entertainment fees cost more), Mr ____ (to think I’ve always liked you depsite you being geow)… my 80 albums per month airline (I’m officially a translator), sigh. PLEASE, all I want is a BETTER 2010… or maybe things will start getting better after CNY??