F n E please

My girls know how much I hate being “controlled”. I don’t like to be “B-handled”.


I was feeling super warm and irritated at work cos CheChe and Chanel were suffocating!!! They needed to breathe and so I went to release them!! Ahhhhh *shiok* after 10mins of breathing and fanning, I unwillingly head back to my seat and sulk! If only they can run freely everyday… anyday!! CheChe and Chanel love it back home where they roam openly and easily! =]


SINGS ‘Queen — I Want To Break Free’: I want to break free… diao diao diao diao (electric guitar playing), I WANT TO BREAK FREEEEEE…. God knows God knows I want to break freeeeee… …


D says I’M FULL OF NONSENSE and laughed soooo madly I swear I saw tears running down this eyes! LOL


It’s no wonder I love laughing, I amused myself tooooo much! Funnyyyy lah.  LMAO