my best friend’s wedding.

CONGRATULATIONS dear… I’m really happy for you dear, wishing you every happiness in your new adventure together.


30-01-10 where dear and I had our contract signed, sealed and delivered. Hahahaha we went for a manicure where we had our nail art done. I saw a ribbon design and I went gaga over it and so I told the manicurist what I wanted and got her to design according to it. Dear loved my polka-dotted ribbon but it’s not too elegant for a bride so I told her to try lace design with dainty ribbon instead. We were pleased and super in love with our designs we decided to go back again… SOON! We sat at Starbucks and time passes by slowly for us that day, as if Mr Grandfather Clock knows dear is getting married the next day, and wanted us to spend more time together today.  


Dear LOVES purple and when I saw this dress in mixture of purple shades online, I knew it would be perfect to surprise her and wear it on her big day! I was scouting for big purple lace ribbons to tie on jiemei’s wrist as corsages but I didn’t see any nice ribbons around and while shopping with dear one evening, I saw this scrunchie ribbon in purple, I KNEW THIS WOULD BE IT! Dear was still skeptical and thought I was kidding and went “HUH, you sure a not??” till she tried it on and she loves it!


31-01-10, THE BIG DAY, I cried during her gown fitting, her ROM and NOPE, I didn’t cry on the actual day cos I didn’t have the time to! I didn’t even had the chance to see her parents putting the veil on her cos I was running around getting everything ready for the gate crash! For the 1st time, I didn’t even have the chance to snap pictures cos I had all my focus on dear. I have to make sure her wedding runs smoothly and everything to end by 1pm! I hope we’ll all look good when the photographer is back with all the pics. I hope I don’t look like a mad woman cos I sure feel like one as I was perspiring nonstop, running around; more pictures and story-telling to come when I get actual pics and upload them in facebook. Luckily, one of the jiemei manages to snap a not too bad pic of us and as I look at it, I can’t help feeling warmth and smile…