Happy Problem

Every Valentine’s Day, we will always get each other a gift + card, this year we decided to forgo the gift and have a simple celebration for we are saving for our upcoming trip. =] A day after V-day, D told me he has a big surprise for me in March. I told him to save the $$$ and pay for my shopping expenses in Japan instead yet I couldn’t help being curious about the surprise. After bugging D for the entire day, he succumbed to my whines, nags and what not. He said maybe Balenciaga, maybe Eternity Ring… hmmm…. Yesterday he kept saying he wants to buy me an Iphone and I shrugged it off thinking he was kidding.


D: “Buy you Iphone ok?”

M: “I don’t really like touch screen.”

D: “Let you choose. Iphone. Blackberry, Canon S90 cam or Balenciaga?”

M: “Serious?? Like seriously???”

D: “YES. Really! You can only choose one.”

M: “BUT… but… but, can I have the new hp along with a cam and the Balenciaga please??”

D: “TOO MUCH hor… one… only one… LOL”


It’s a happy problem… I’ll take my time to deliberate… W-O-O-T-S.