i’ll work even harder from now…

I didn’t know Dong Shifu is that famous! Mary jie recommended him and D accompanied me to his place. When D saw him, he whispered this to me “He appeared on TV before leh, last time CNY he will be on TV for the Chinese Zodiac readings.” I didn’t recognise him at all. =S


Dong Shifu’s exact words “You no need to diet anymore ok, you drink water also will fat! Despite that, you have a pretty face that many are drawn too. Your life is filled with ‘tao hua’ and even at the age of 60, still got guys coming after you!!” LOL LOL LOL


It’s no wonder I am sooo stubborn and have the never-say-die attitude cos I was a warrior in my past life! Hahaha… Dong Shifu said I will never bow to difficulties and will fight my way through! Not afraid to voice my thoughts and obviously am not afraid of anybody, not even the boss! HAHAAA He said I am a very loyal and straight-forward person thus I make a very good friend and would want me to be his friend too. HAHAHAAAA He added I have a bad and fast temper but its ok cos I will say whatever I’m feeling and not stab you in the back. He said “my ears are soft” and I tend to take it to heart on whatever I hear but once I say it out, I will be fine. He said many take my loyalty for granted and “eats” my money. He said $10 may not mean a lot to you but saving each $10 amounts to a lot thus he advises me to open my eyes bigger.


Anyhow it was a very motivational meet-up with Dong Shifu and we learned so much, it pushes us to work even harder towards our future. He is sooooooo accurate it’s “scary”. AMAZING infact! Even though with the ups and downs in life, mine is considered above average and I sure hope what he says comes true… ~keeping fingers crossed~


He said a lot more which I won’t be revealing here… D decided to see him too for his fortune telling and Dong Shifu is fully booked till June! I waited for a month-ish for mine. To our exciting life ahead D… I really look forward to it all. I’m not a superstitious person but now that we hear and we sort of “know”, what we can do is to work towards it and avoid certain things. Have faith and if you believe in it, then it will all come true. =]