where do i belong??

So many things going through my mind right now. To stay in media line or to do something less stressful and nearer to home? Initially I was still worried as to where to go, what to do as I’m already reaching 31, but calls started coming in and I’m very thankful for the opportunities given. All companies with big big names is all I can say now till I’ve decided where to go. So far, its all related to media work and working hours are a little “scary” and so much longer than the usual 9-5 office kinda work. I’m very thankful for the offers but I still cannot decide if this is what I want. Yes, no job is without stress but I guess its about time I started thinking about my family and health too. Many, including myself wouldn’t believe that admin would be the job for me but maybe it ain’t such a bad idea afterall? Maybe it will help slow things down in my life??


I am sooooo looking forward to some good rest and I was thinking maybe after my Japan trip I can start looking for jobs in July but at the same time, I know opportunities don’t come knocking by all the time. =/