Very busy start to May, I call it ME MONTH! Hahahaa was booked almost every week from 17th April till 1st May for my birthday celebrations x 8!!!! MAD awesome!!!! Feeling very very VERY blessed this year, I lost one or two (not kgs) but gain a whole lot more of love! I am constantly uploading pics of the many blessed surprise birthday celebrations received. BIG thanks to everyone who bothered to make that extra effort to shower me with tons of love, I’m grateful. Thanks to all my darlings, my dream camera – Canon S90 was presented to me on 30th April past midnight!  I wish I could put my joy and happiness down in writings on the different celebrations I received but I’ll let the pictures do all the talking!


5th of May, D and I turn 7! Congratulations Mr Koh, you survived your 7th year with Mrs Koh. To many many more years ahead darling. Happy Anniversary, I love you lots. Cannot forget the look on baby’s face when I presented him with 2 air-tickets to Japan! OH, don’t worry, I’m gona remind you the moment we get to Tokyo; my tata baby printed bag as our wedding anniversary present. YAY!


Counting down to 17 May where I officially call myself a “part-time” tai-tai. Will rest for 2 weeks and then I’m off to some good shopping in Hong Kong and then rest for another week and I’m off to Japan! Life sounds good but $$$ will kill me so darlings, please “donate” generously?? Chicken rice, Wanton noodles, food-courts treats are welcome! =D I will be sure to repay all kindness and you know I will! *do the girl guides sompa sign* lol


I didn’t believe my luck when some of the biggest media companies called me up for interviews. The only flaw would be the working hours. Asked me 3-4yrs ago and I wouldn’t even deliberate and would jump for it immediately! Being three-one this year got me doing a lot of thinking. It’s about time to slower my pace and plan for my family and I’m very glad I made the decision. I’m very thankful for the opportunities given and I know they don’t come knocking by all the time but I guess we can’t have best of both worlds which seems pretty good to me now. I know I won’t regret for this is the new adventure I chose to take. I believe my vision will be a lot clearer when I finally get my ample rest. Wish me luck and continue to support me my dearest(s) for I know you lot are equally happy for me.