Today I officially bid farewell to my colleagues… it has been a good 5yrs (4yrs 10mths to be exact).


Honestly speaking, seeing management doing nothing for my other ex-colleague farewell. I didn’t dare expect anything and I wasn’t. I really thought my last week would be a quiet week where I exit quietly with just a department lunch affair. I guess it’s good when you don’t expect cos what I received was SO MUCH MORE. I was very touched by the many surprises I received. Totally unexpected! Colleagues, who cared, showed and it showed me well that we aren’t just colleagues but friends. The whole of last week was my lunch treat week; I manage to save $$$! hehehe


I choose to leave happily. I took with me tons of good memories and though we don’t know when we’ll meet again, I sure hope we’ll be in touch. I’m gona miss all my fun and amazing colleagues! Yall ROCKS!!!


p/s: Gona go around and start taking pics. Will blog more later!