You weed some, you win some.

It’s human nature to remember the bad and hardly the good. It is apparent to me that some people/things are best weed out and sunshine will start shining in again. Nobody is perfect and with the ups and downs, we learn and we appreciate more. If you think I am lucky, you might want to think again. I am not just lucky, I believe in Karma too. You don’t have to say you are good, if you are good people will say it for you. I’m overwhelmed with the love and opportunities given and I’ll let the many pictures I’ve uploaded (in FB) do the talking.

I thought I will be able to sleep in this entire week but my schedule is full and I only get to rest after Friday! Hahahaa yesterday I was having lunch at Oriole’s, desserts at TWG and dinner at Sakae. MAD happy! I should start blogging on my food adventure.

Today, I went for a job interview and it went so much better than I expected! I have a 3 month temp job when I get home from Japan! MAD MAD excited. They are willing to let me start work end June! I am afterall still contemplating about my career path and so I thought I will just try my luck and see how this interview goes. I never thought they will be paying me this well (better than I expected) and after meeting up with me, they offered me a full time sales job! I never would associate myself with blazers nor suits but HELLOOOO corporate world. This is gona be fun! hahaaa The lady who interviewed me understood I’m from the music industry thus I dress differently and she was very nice and lenient towards my dressing! =] She said once I take up the full time job, I will have to be in suit. Suit??? Hahahaaa, we’ll see. Court shoes and pants shopping for now. =S


Even my body can tell I’m stress-free and decided to flood me with “joy”!!! hahaha “she” has been travelling for a good 9 months and I haven’t seen her till 17th May aka last day at work! “She” is overjoyed and has been bugging me with pains and joys for 3 days now! I can see from pics that my skin is glowing with joy too and I hope this healthy affair last.  


It’s a little taboo so I’m gona thank a few girlies here minus names. You know who you are. I’ve learned my lesson well and good. I’ve never felt so “closed” up before and I’m kinda liking it. Let’s continue to  walk our life adventures and hopefully we will be the last few standing. BIG BIG HUGS.

 Baby, THANK YOU!!! I am jobless and I still get a farewell gift? SWEET! I was shocked when I see Ms Dior lying there. hahahaa love love…