C is for Chanel

D’s buddy at work, Tze Kiong, ordered Chanel biscuits and gave one to me. I came home surprised, seeing the gorgeous Chanel print biscuit. After keeping it for a day, I plucked the courage and took my 1st bite! LOL Yummy! I am so ordering for my many other celebrations. I’m already thinking of ordering something unique for D’s birthday. I love so many of their creation; Gucci Wallet cake, Tiffany Box Cake, etc etc… gorgeous! Check them out at http://www.cakelovecouture.com


Aunt wanted to try gel nails and asked if I’m interested, after reading some info online I decided to beautify my nails since it can last me for a month! Since its gona last for a month, I need a classic design that can match all my clothing. What better than the double C’s? hahaaaa Gorgeous huh, but now I find typing a chore; on both my lappy and iphone. I wonder how I’m gona put and remove my contact lenses with such long nails!!! *faints*