3 more days to the Land of The Rising Sun

It’s just the average 4.25am Thursday morning… not, I was playing dolly and trying on outfits for our upcoming Japan trip. I was having fun cos I know I can be totally LOUD and FUN with my outfits in this avant-garde fashion country! I wished I was slimmer (not the S nor M size kinda slim but slimmer as in maybe 10kgs lesser than now kinda slim) so that I can be even more fun in my dressings. I am sooo excited about this trip; I really hope I won’t end up in disappointment. We might not be heading to Osaka cos 2 weeks in Tokyo itself won’t be enough for the shopaholic US! Hahaaa Disneyland and Disneysea = 2 days gone, Sanrio Land, Yokohama, Harajuku, Shibuya etc etc… 2 weeks will be gone just like that. Poof!


Speaking of 4.25am, I was hungry and since I have been thinking about Mac bfast, I did the very sinful and called! LOL it’s 6am now and I need to head to bed before I meet Jia later evening to get some stuffs for my trip.