Mr Vainpot, u are the best.

I’m so lazy to blog these days I have been cheat-blogging on my notes (iphone)! LOL When I’m back and gel-nails-free, I’ll get them re-type onto my blog itself. Tomorrow this time, I will be asleep in the land of Tokyo! Hahahaa D wanted to dye his hair ASH GOLD for our trip and he DID, except the color didn’t turn out ashy for his virgin hair is way too black. Anyway, here is a picture of his new hairdo while packing my luggage… he looks younger now with his new color. This vainpot has to dye his hair black after our vacation, so who said only women are vainpots??


I hate packing my luggage after each trip with all the new loots and I sucked at it! D is so organized he always ends up packing my luggage on the last day of each trips! LOL I had to pack for 2 weeks this time and you can imagine how messy and “full-house” my luggage looks!! hahahaa