C’est La Vie

I haven’t been feeling very happy these days… or should I say, tired and hardly time for ME. I miss ME time at home; catching re-runs of SATC, nuahing and doing absolutely nothing. I miss waiting for D at home and chat till the break of dawn… I think I miss TIME the most. I’m having difficulty getting used to this whole corporate world. I jeer at myself everyday in front of the full length mirror in our dept toilet. Rok asked me “what happen to my free spirited dressing???” I wish I knew and that $$$$ has absolutely nothing to do with this. I should be happy, contented and blessed for all that I have and that the lucky me have been travelling; 3 countries in less than 2 months!


I don’t even have time to finish editing my Japan pictures and am struggling with the minimal time left to do things each day after I get home from work. The good news is I’m surprising D with an upcoming short getaway for his birthday! His leave is all blocked for the month of Aug due to Youth Olympic thus we are bringing forward his birthday celebration! He buys the story that I won this trip… heheeee either my darling is too trusting or the fact that I always win from lucky draws??! I’ve just booked the perfect customised birthday cake for him! In 3 weeks time, we will be kissing the sun, sand and sea! LOL kinda excited for we are always going on shopping trips but this time, we are going for the romance. Awwww