Twinkle twinkle, I’m a star.

I met up with Weiting and Rimah separately on my 2nd working week. When I saw Weiting, I told her I ate alone during lunch and before I can show her my “prisoner” plastic tray joke, she went “NOOOOOOOOooooooo, you didn’t! You couldn’t have eaten alone!” She look at me with all seriousness and couldn’t believe her ears. I KNOW!!! Friends know I rather not eat then eat alone but ya, I don’t know I can push myself to eat alone. Hotel has certainly changed me well.


Rimah had the same reaction when I told her this and stared at me in horror! LOL they are afterall my lunch khakis for 5yrs and know my habits rather well. Hotel has certainly changed me well.


Lunches are provided by the Hotel and canteen food is not too bad but imagine me having Chinese food EVERYDAY without fail and what is more shocking is, the carnivorous me is having healthy veggies and fishes for every lunch! The super garlicky veggies can be very unbearable and despite me removing all the garlic, I still have to eat it up! Peer pressure!!! Hotel has certainly changed me well.


I saw a maxi dress from Dorothy Perkins and I thought I will just try for fun but I actually look good in it! Am contemplating if I should buy? Now I know I can get away with this new look!


You will never believe I actually went to chill by myself. Even though it was just an hour, I feel kinda proud of myself as I embrace this new feeling. I’ve changed. I know I have. Twinkle twinkle, I’m a star.