a believer -Everything happens for a reason.

Tomorrow is my last day at work and I’m glad to have met wonderful people. I thank them for the opportunity and I look forward to seeing some of them again. It didn’t even seem like it’s been a month! Hahaaa

I paid S$51 (+ delivery) for 6 customized cupcakes from Love Cake Couture! F-expensive! The bikes and sport-cars better be really nice. LOL It’s my surprise for D and Benson birthday. We are having the celebration in Batam on Saturday! If I knew I was to resign so soon, I would have waited for a weekday to go. I wanted to book Turi Beach resort and it was fully booked, wanted to try the resort babe went – Nongsa, also fully booked… finally settled for Batam View. Our 1st sun, sand and sea experience.

I am OBSESSED with Issey Miyake bilbao bags! I want all colors, designs, shapes and sizes! My colleague is going next week and I passed her my Issey Miyake Japan member card for S$15 off my next item. I’m eyeing another medium bag or the cosmetics pouch.

My 2nd biggest boss, current job, believes a lot in Buddhism and karma. She was talking to me after I tendered my resignation last week. She shared a lot of her experiences and told me to be devoted and Buddha will bless me. Thai monks come to our hotel for events and she got acquainted with them and together with some sales colleagues of mine, they have been heading to the very famous Thai temple at Bukit Merah for prayers since. Thank you Penny for bringing me there today! I couldn’t believe what I hear. As the monk chants away, I can feel my goose pimples popping, in a good way… After which, we went to see the higher monk, Penny made an appointment with him a week ago. According to Penny, he doesn’t do fortune telling and he can tell if you are good or bad. He said I flare very easily and cools down easily too and that I am very very stubborn, if I don’t believe, die also don’t believe, his exact words. Dong shifu said the same. I’m beginning to wonder if it’s the Taurus thingy. Lol Anyway we chatted further and I told him my health isn’t really good and its bothering me, he look at me and said “Don’t Worry, all will be ok.” He asked for my details and did a computer calculation and printed out “my life” in thai. He went “I’m very surprise you can still make it alive and sit here, if you were to come to me last year I will tell you good luck and pray for you. Last year is very very bad year for you; even when you are quiet and sit by yourself, you still kena. You are very lucky to have overcome this very bad year. You have been enjoying 2 months of good fortune now after your birthday. Your last year birthday, you almost cannot make it.” My heart skipped a beat and the scene of the horror 2009 flashes to my mind, very very bad luck, hospitalized before my big 3-0, 30 over ulcers, high fevers that wouldn’t subside, so weak that I couldn’t eat, walk nor shower myself; my mother has to shower me everyday and hold on to me as I walk. I went weak and ask further about my health and he smile and said “you made it, from now on very very good.” This sentence came immediately to my mind ‘ 大難不死 必有後福’. He gave me more advises and asks me to continue doing good deeds and good health will come automatically. I will pray with all my heart and I hope it’s really gona be all good for me from now on.