morose… a bientot smile

How time flies, I’ve got exactly a week more to enjoy my semi-tai tai life before I start my whole new career. I should be blogging all the nice places I have been dining and enjoying, the fun I had with my khakis but I can’t. I’m feeling very changeable, grumpy and highly emotional. I’m not usually the emo lomo baby but I have been feeling of such recently. I feel I am of no importance to anyone. It seems like I’m always the one organizing meetups, surprises, callings, smses… always the one giving and giving. I’m not happy, I’m morose!!! I’m sick of people sitting there and receiving and not doing no shit. You try keeping the relationship/friendship work, you try making the effort, and then you tell me!

 My schedule is fully booked this week and the following and despite feeling rather gloomy, I’ve agreed to the meetups for I’m kinda glad I was the one being dated. I guess its true when they say people tends to take things for granted till they lose it.

 Anyhow, Batam was awesome, Rider’s Café is superb, OUAM has the best milkshakes, TWG desserts and caramel are to die for… I’m so obsessed with crème brulee and everything caramel!!! I’m gona dye my hair caramel this month end! LOL I need to go shopping in BKK soon, still trying to convince D that I need my Issey Miyake bags and that we need to drop by Tokyo after HKG.

 I’ve decided not to buy the Lesportsac pencil case and use my LV gift box as one. Will take a complete pic of it once I fill it in with stationary! HEEEEEEE… any khakis wana get me stationery??